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Some information about Gepard Studio

The group called Gepard Studio started with its work several years ago in the time of so called Micro-computers like Commadore 64, Spectrum etc. That time was very good for writing demos on computer especially becouse of computer RAM limitations (imagine having just 32 K of RAM nowadays). You might have found some our demos from that far time.
After PC were becoming more and more popular we just have to go to new platform and this took us some time (the completelly new enviroment, a lot of programs and of course PC games, this stuff kept us bussy for a lot of time. But now we are back in the world of demo and game programs.
You can get some of them on this page, more will come later. There are not many members now, so we would like to get new ones. If you write computer programs and want to become member of our group just send me a E-mail (and some stuff would be very well accepted). Also if you have some programming stuff you think it is really good, please, send it to me and I will put it on this page (with short description would be easier).



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