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Useful Programs
Name Size Nfo Uploaded
 535,2 kB
With this program you can make installation of your aplication. You can also protect your data with cryption and password protection. Zip includes 3 programs: Archive Maker for making one archive and crypt it. Installer for install your application. And Password maker.
 178,7 kB
File Archive Handler for making huge archive from small files. You can also break that huge file into small pices and link them back together. Available screenshots of Archived.
 20,0 kB
Emulation for linear frame buffer. Make your VBE1.2 to be VBE2.0 .
 14,7 kB
Cheat for Raptor if you need more money....
 10,3 kB
Mixer for 8 and 16 bit compatible SB....
 72,1 kB
Tools for compressing exe or com files(only 16 bit DOS executable)....